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Keep Our Hospitals Public Letter to the Editor

The Baird Liberal government is privatising our public hospitals.

This is bad news for local communities, bad news for hospital workers and bad news for our health.

History has shown us that the privatisation of our healthcare system may mean ‘efficiency savings’ for the government but cuts to jobs and services for us.

Just look at examples like Royal North Shore hospital where patient care was quickly compromised as a result of cleaning and portering being contracted out. Despite the serious problems the government was stuck in a 28-year contract with an operator that said it could not afford to meet increased costs.

And let’s not forget the disastrous Port Macquarie hospital privatisation which the auditor general famously concluded had resulted in the state government “paying for the hospital twice and then giving it away”.

So far the pattern is clear. Adding a profit motive to the operation of hospitals already expected to provide more than they can afford doesn’t work.

Years of Liberal government funding cuts mean our hospitals are currently facing an imminent crisis. Private companies will cut corners even further to boost their budget bottom line. That could mean fewer doctors, nurses, or beds, and longer emergency room and elective surgery wait times.

We need to start a wave of indignation to let the government know that we want our public hospitals to remain PUBLIC. Writing a letter to the editor of your local newspaper is one of the most effective ways to get your message seen by thousands of people, including politicians.

Raise your voice and help raise awareness in your local community about the government’s plans to privatise and what that will mean for our health and our hospitals.

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